Creating Sustainable Change

You can sustain healthy behaviors by keeping your focus on these three key areas:

Consistency. Set perfection aside, and focus on repeating a few important healthy behaviors most days of the week.

Resilience. Accept that temptations are a part of life, and allow yourself to bounce back and get back on track quickly.

Prioritizing. Recognize that healthier habits don’t just happen. Lasting change is an active process.

(ref: ACE Fitness Journal/Karen Nathan)

Recipe of the Week:

These Chicken Pesto Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are very tasty, filling and easy to make! Just top baked sweet potatoes with shredded chicken mixed with pesto. To reduce prep time, buy pre-made pesto and a rotisserie chicken.

Quote of the Week:

“You are only one thought away from a good feeling.”

  • Sheila Krystal

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