Glute Bridges & Back Pain

If you experience pain when performing a glute bridge it may be because you are overextending your back. The key to prevent this overextension is in how you start the movement. Rather than laying down and shooting your hips up into the air (and consequently overextending your back), follow these steps.

  • Before you begin the movement, posteriorly tilt your pelvis (roll it back).
  • Gently squeeze your glutes.
  • Lift with the hips and stop when they stop.
  • Finish in a straight line from shoulder to knee.

Sometimes little fixes can make all the difference.

(ref: dr. Jacob harden)

Recipe of the Week:

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Quote of the Week:

“A successful tree pose probably won’t change your life. Learning how to keep your breath easy, long and deep no matter what the circumstance? That absolutely will.”

  • Tara Stiles

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