Tight Wrists

Often times the reason for tight wrists is a lack of daily movement at the joint. Most of us type at a computer all day and our wrists are stuck in the same position. Adding this quick wrist mobility routine to your daily regimen should hope you notice a difference.

Palms down, fingers forward, rock forward and bak on your wrists.

Palms up, fingers back, rock forward and back on your wrists. Flip hands palm down, fingers back, and repeat.

Palms down, fingers out, rock side to side.


Recipe of the Week:

I’m always on the look-out for new appetizer recipes, and this past weekend this one for Garlic-Parsley Shrimp got the thumbs up from my friends.

Quote of the Week:

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

  • Betty Friedan

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