Benefits of Standing Leg Lifts


This classic exercise (standing leg lifts) strengthens your legs and core while improving balance and flexibility. Change the direction, height and intensity of your standing leg lifts to target different muscle groups and build a stronger, leaner lower body.

Leg Strength– lifting your legs from a standing position engages the muscles in your hamstrings and quadriceps. You can vary the exercise to target specific muscles – externally rotating your legs as you lift them will give your hamstrings and abductors a more intense workout. Keep your toes pointing upward to target your quadriceps.

Core Strength – standing leg lifts strengthen your abdominals, obliques, lower-back muscles and glutes – collectively known as your core – along with your legs. To effectively engage your core, draw your navel to your spine, completely engage your abs and keep your torso straight and still as you lift and lower your legs.

Flexibility – leg lifts repetitions provide a dynamic stretch for your lower body, meaning they use motion to gently increase the range of motion in your legs and hips. With each leg lift, try to lift your leg a little higher so you feel the stretch in your calves and hamstrings.

Balance – shifting your body weight onto one foot and lifting your other leg into the air requires strong balance. As you stand on one leg, the muscles in your legs and core work together to stabilize and balance your body.

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