How To Do A Kettleball Carry

Kettlebell carries are a great full-body exercise. They engage your core as well as muscles in your mid-and upper back; and also help to improve your stability, balance and grip strength.

However, it’s only an effective full-body exercise if performed correctly. Hunching forward, rocking from side to side and taking slow, leisurely steps amount to poor form.

To perform a kettlebell carry correctly:

  • Stand with two heavy weights – kettlebells, dumbbells, or weight plates – on the floor, one on each side of your body. Hinge at the hips to reach down and grasp the weights, and then engage your abs as you stand up; weights at your sides.
  • Draw you shoulder blades down and towards each other, stack your shoulders over your ribs and hips.
  • Walk forward in a straight line. Avoid swinging or bending from side to side by standing tall with a proud chest and bracing your core.
  • Walk about 20 yards, then set the weights back on the floor with control by hinging at the hips and bending at the knees. Turn around and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.
  • Take small, choppy steps, flowing from heel to toe and moving as quickly as you can with control.

Variations – carry two different-size kettlebells; carry only one kettlebell.


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