How To Make Oatmeal Delicious And Satisfying

We all know that oatmeal is “good for us”, but it can be plain and boring, and an hour later you are hungry again. Done right, however, it can be a delicious and satisfying breakfast.

The key is to not try and make your oatmeal too low calorie. Having a breakfast with a solid mix of carbs, healthy fat, and protein will mean way less afternoon sugar cravings and no “hangry” monster.

Here’s how to build a nutritious and satisfying oatmeal bowl:

Type of oats. Use rolled oats in place of packaged oats. The rolled oats can also be made in the microwave but they have more fiber than the individual packages.

Add some healthy fat. Adding healthy fat to breakfast will really help with satiety and staying power so you aren’t reaching for a snack 30 minutes later. Try adding a serving of your favorite nut, seed or nut butter.

Make your oatmeal with milk or non-diary alternative. Using milk or a non-dairy alternative will greatly improve the flavor of your oatmeal and also add protein.

Add some protein. Besides milk, a few other protein options include topping your oatmeal with cottage cheese when it is out of the microwave; Add an egg, just whisk the egg in before microwaving and proceed as normal; use protein powder.

Add some fruit. A super ripe mashed banana added to your bowl will make your oatmeal sweet and creamy. Of course, berries are another great option. If using frozen berries add before cooking.

Add some fun spices. Adding spices will help to maximize the flavor of your oatmeal. Cinnamon is always great. For a fall twist combine nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cardamom. For a savory oatmeal add salt, pepper and parsley.


Recipe of the Week:

Transition into the cold weather with this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal. It tastes like pumpkin pie but with no added sugar, just a very ripe banana and great spices. The instructions say to make in on the stove, but microwaving works too.


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