The Year In Review – Part One

Wow, another year is drawing to a close. As we say goodbye to 2018, let’s take a few minutes to review tips from this past year that hopefully we will take into 2019.

  • Small changes have a big impact – if a completely sedentary person thinks that even light activity can make a meaningful difference he’ll be a lot more likely to do it. And once he does, he’ll feel better, more confident and more empowered to take the next steps.
  • Experiencing dizziness upon standing is usually nothing to worry about, unless it happens frequently and lasts longer than a few seconds.
  • Truth about running – it’s not bad for your knees; it’s not the key to losing a lot of weight; it’s not the only exercise you need to do; you don’t have to be skinny or young to start running.
  • When we get injured we want to be better now, but that is not realistic. Tissue healing takes time and we can’t rush it. Get adequate rest and stay positive and patient during the journey.
  • Consciously look for opportunities throughout the day to get up and move.
  • You can sustain healthy behaviors by keeping your focus on these key areas: consistency, resilience, prioritizing.
  • Don’t feel intimidated by your medical providers. The common ground is your health and it’s in your best interest to be as empowered as possible.
  • The main difference between a squat and a hinge is the primary joint – in a squat the emphasis is on the knee joint; in a hinge the emphasis is on the hip joint.
  • The first thing to remember when getting an MRI scan for back pain is that the “abnormality” that shows up on the MRI scan may not actually be the cause of your back pain. If the results of the scan are not going to change your back pain treatment, waiting to get the scan is reasonable in most situations.
  • Instead of focusing on calories, learn to trust your gut. Learn what works for your body. Don’t angst over food decisions.
  • Single-joint exercises (bicep curls, tricep extensions, leg extensions) isolate movement to a single joint. Compound exercises (deadlifts, squats, push-ups, lunges, pull-ups) integrate the movement of multiple joints and muscles, resulting in better strength gains.
  • Neglecting your posterior chain (muscles along the back of your body) can negatively impact your posture and movement. Therefore, make sure you include adequate pulling exercises in your workout routine: pull-ups, chin-ups, seated rows, deadlifts, lat pulldowns; 1-arm rows. 

Recipe of the Week:

This Cranberry Rosemary One Pan Chicken dish is an easy, healthy dinner perfect for a weeknight dinner. Luckily it doesn’t look or taste quick, so it’s also a great dish to serve to your guests during the holidays.

Quote of the Week:

“Your abundance is not measured by what you have, it is created by what you share.”

Heidi Catherine Culbertson

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